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As the Principal of Manning Gardens Public School I’m very excited by what the FSC Family Centre can offer the children and families in our community. Our families are often tragically disconnected from society and have difficulty accessing the most basic of support services for their children & for themselves. Most have no means of transport and this makes it difficult to access the services that they need. There are often inter-generational issues such as long-term unemployment, poverty, alcohol & drug dependency and domestic violence well entrenched within families. Many of the children that come to our school are often faced with huge hurdles at a very young age. The team of people involved with the FSC Family Centre project have recognised the extreme vulnerabilities within the local area & come up with an extraordinary way of bridging the gap with the local community. This unique model aims to reconnect the disenfranchised with the wider community and services. It is about empowering those in greatest of need and rebuilding strength through compassion. Paul Sortwell (Principal of Manning Gardens Public School)
I offer my full support to the work that the First Steps Count Inc. committee are committed to carry out on behalf of our aboriginal families. It is so important that we look after our children and get them through life as strong aboriginal people. I see this project as a way to develop strong families and communities in this area. I look forward to working with the committee and making a difference for our children. Wayne Paulson (Chairperson of Girrawong Preschool, Purfleet)

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